Advisor Circuit

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Advisor Circuit is a career network where you get on demand advice from people with relevant experience.

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Team Summary

Lavi (CEO)
SmartCube, JWT & (Startup)
SRCC (B.Comm, Batch’12) [Student Union Creative Head]
DPS RK Puram (Batch '09)

Aditya Raina (COO)
EXL, (Startup)
DCE (Mech Engg, Batch ’13) [Sports Union Head]
DPS RKPuram (Batch '09) [HeadBoy]

Uday Khatry (CTO)
Sapient Technologies
DCE (Comp Engg, Batch’13)
APS Dhaula Kaun (Batch


    • Lavi Aggarwal

    • Co-Founder

    • Uday Khatry

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

A new age career growth, guidance,networking platform where users can connect with actual on field professionals and leverage their experiences to solve any big or small career query and achieve their goals. Interaction happens through a free Q&A platform and one on one sessions with the Advisors via phone and web chat.

How are we different?

The career guidance sector is characterized by generalizations. We’re doing things differently by connecting people to their ideal mentors, their future selves who’ve been there and done that. The advice given through the platform is focused, personalized and action biased, helping people grow faster in the career that's right for them.

Product/Service Descriptions