• Bangalore, India
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Give shape to your ideas, upload your designs on Akaar and we will ship it to you.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Currently 4 people are working on Akaar.
- Sandeep - 4 years experienced application software engineer
- Nikhil - Industrial Engineer,
- Mantesh - 4 year experienced Software developer
- Bhavesh - Mechanical engineer


Product/Service Summary

A simple website where our customer can upload his designs and we will 'print' the product and ship the product to him. He doesn't have to worry about how it's made, what machines were used etc., all he needs to do is to design his ideas, it’ll be manufactured and shipped to him. Business model is similar to offset printing service providers.

How are we different?

Unlike a lot of people who have gotten into 3d printing by having become 3d printer manufacturers, we want to use some of the best printers available from companies like Stratsys and 3D systems to make our models and ship to our customers.
Customers don't have to buy machines, and all hassles associated with it, Just get their models made.

Product/Service Descriptions