Akasa Labs Design and Technologies Private Limited

  • Bangalore, India
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A digital concierge which bridges the virtual and physical worlds creating meaningfulexpereinces


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Team Summary

1. Aravind: Founder, Experience Designer. Musician, User Advocate, Automation Engineer (NSIT), MBA (IIM-Ahmedabad)
2. Deepak: Co-Founder, Head of Engineering, Musician, Electrical Engineer (IIT-M), MBA (IIM-Ahmedabad)
3. Murali: Co-Founder, Head of Ops, Computer Science Engineer (IIT-M), MBA (IIM-Ahmedabad)


Product/Service Summary

Codename: Chatbot is a chat based concierge for a user. It is able to 'understand' what you want and opens up a channel of communication with the people who have want you want. Using natural language processing and a promise of increased engagement and sales to people who want to sell, Chatbot brings the showroom to the user's phone.(phase 1)

How are we different?

We remove clutter from a user's experience. Conversely, Chatbot is for users who are fairly aware of what they want. Why do i need to browse through x number of white Tshirts to buy one? Why do i have to go to a showroom to see what is there? Can i get three shoes to try at my home before I buy one. What do i do with spare capacity at my showroom?

Product/Service Descriptions