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Quality Training Yields Quality People. We deliver deep dive quality training on various IT tech

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Team Summary

Our team comprises below people -
1. Rakesh Roshan - Has an industry experience of 15+ years and he has touched the nerves of many clients in india and abroad and he has conducted 200+ corporate training. He has a passion for making people skilled and he is technical and functional savvy person.
2. Dinesh Shetty - He has been in IT world since 25 years and in this span, he won many accolades and today his parent company i.e. Megasoft has 80+ co-operative bank as their clients who are using their CBS solution. With allanalytics, it is to cross-sell more products and services to existing clients.
3. Sudesh Rao - He has 20+ years experience on IT. A dedicated person with a customer and people centric approach has executed many projects on Business Intelligence for many clients in India and Abroad.
This team is passionate about vision for AllAnalytics and this way, we are offering quality services to engineering students, graduates and IT experienced people and the organizations.


Founding Team

rakesh roshan


Dinesh Shetty


Sudesh Rao


Product/Service Summary

AllAnalytics is a Training and consultancy firm with a focus to provide deep dive technical learning to Engineering Students and other experienced people in IT Industry who wish to upgrade their skillsets. AllAnalytics also provides corporate training on various niche technology where there is a lot of demand and supply is least. With our training platform and quality training approach, we are able to meet and fulfill the demands of MNCs and others for training requirements on technology and soft skills. Our Vision is to make engineers or graduates skilled and then provide these skilled resources to various companies who demand skilled people for their project need where there is no risk parameter. We are doing this successfully till now and now we would like to expand to different identified regions. For this, we are looking for VCs to raise funds between 1.0 Mn to 1.5 Mn USD

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