• Pune, India
  • Healthcare, Preventive health, Technology, Data Analytics, child health

Make Child Health a priority and build a healthy tomorrow. Move from curative to preventive care.

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Team Summary

Team with rich experience in information technology and healthcare. Ably supported by a board of advisers comprising of some of the eminent healthcare professionals and doctors.


Product/Service Summary

Partner with pre and K-12 schools to do complete health assessment of children. Digitize the data and create unique ID for every child. Parents use the ID to log in to our Personal health portal and to view their child's health assessment details, store/share health records, track growth of child, connect with child specialists and receive reminder

How are we different?

We believe, schools with their organized structure and governance provide a great way to inculcate in children the benefits of health living. Same time, by focusing on children rather than adult population, it would help identify problems early when diagnosis and treatment could be much better and we can achieve true preventive care.

Product/Service Descriptions