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Online Store to purchase school Uniform and other School supplies like stationery, shoes, bags, books, sport wears/gears, electronics etc..

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Emble Products Private Limited, the parent company of was founded.



New Team Member

Ankit Saxena, CMO, joined us.



Team Summary

Praveen, CEO is MBA with 7 years of corporate experience. He is very good at taking the maximum utilization of the available resources.

Nishith, CTO is MCA with 6.5 years of experience in Virtualization and Cloud Computing. His recommendations turn out to be very useful. Be it a technology upgrade or a migration, he plays a very critical role.

Prateek, our CSO has a Business Background. He knows everything about School Uniform. This is because he has been selling and manufacturing the School Uniform from past 15 years. We take advantage of his skills while collecting all the details of the uniform from the Vendors. Without him it is really hard to list the products on the site.

Akansha is MBA and takes care of Finance and Payroll.

Ankit has 5 years of Digital Marketing Experience. He designs and executes Internet Marketing. We cannot be found on internet without him.


    • N K Gupta

    • CTO

Product/Service Summary is a marketplace to purchase approved designs of School Uniform of any School along with School Bags, Shoes, Stationery, Books and anything else related to School going kids.
All a customer needs to do is select the State, City and the School to see the available items for a particular schools.

How are we different?

There is a lot of scope but there are lot of hiccups in selling school uniform online that's why Big Players like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon did not dare to enter this market. We have a School Uniform manufacturing experience of more than 15 years serving at least 50 schools and we know what a Uniform wholesaler, customer and a School wants. Customer order fulfillment is the ultimate goal if any e-commerce site but working on Marketplace model make it little problematic because of unavailability of the ordered items at Vendor's shop. Though we have a clause of penalizing vendors in such situation, we are committed to deliver the order to the customer on time. To mitigate this we have set up a workforce of 20 tailors back at our workshop. With the help of this set up we also achieve the Alteration requests raised by the customers. We also allow our existing customers to sell their used Uniforms to interested Buys in lesser price.

Product/Service Descriptions