Alphaneutral private Limited

  • Bangalore, India
  • Advertising, Marketing, Consulting, Location Based Services, Platform

Alphaneutral help startups by providing them free manpower,PR,marketing & generating clients/customr

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

We have people from customer support, journalism, event management, PR & Marketings. People with varioud skills have joined our team for a successful execution of our idea.


Founding Team

Ankit Rakwal


Product/Service Summary

We have come up with a system where other startups outsource their business to us and we generate clients and customers for them. Biggest issue with every startup is the lack of manpower for growing their clients and customer base. We are filling this demand of those startups. We do their PR and Marketing for free along with getting clients and customers for them. After we gain the successful business for them, then only we charge from the revenue generated. So, no up front cost for startups influence them to be a part of this plan. And also whatever business we generate we take money only for that. This concept is influencing startups to come to us for early growth. This was both alphaneutral and the startup is having win-win situation generating revenue as well.

Product/Service Descriptions