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Team Summary

The two co-founders of Aphaea are Gunaranjan Jain and Sohom Paul. As co-founders, we have been working closely with our advisory team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Business School to develop this idea.

Currently, we are freshman in college. Gunarajan is studying Finance at Ashoka University in Delhi and Sohom is studying Business Economics and Computer Science at The University of California, Los Angeles. At this point in time, we have not allocated particular company roles, but have marked ourselves as co-founders. As per our fields of study, we do foresee a point of time when Gunaranjan will be handling the financial aspects of the company while Sohom will be handling the marketing or technological aspects of the company.

Working along with our advisory team- with the recent addition of a Bayer CropScience project manager- we have been making elaborate business plans, analyzing the market seeking out opportunities in growth, and speaking to agro experts, company CEO’s, and potential software developers from Ashoka, UCLA, MIT, Columbia, CalTech and Stanford via mutual connections, finding more than 15 talented college students- CS and Business majors alike, interested in working along with us in the future.


Founding Team

Team Members

Gunaranjan Jain

Gunaranjan Jain


Product/Service Summary

We increase fertilizer and pesticide sales of agro companies, by providing farmers they sell to, with personalized advice to improve their crop yield- farmers then buy more products from the agro companies we work with, to sustain this growth. We make money by taking 25% of the profit growth these companies achieve as a result of using our service.

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