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Our startup is global based but we are starting in india and aiming big cities firstly


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Team Summary

Sashankgraduted from ku had spent 5 years in customer services and management,Divakar a perfect promotion asset runs a vast of event show,Ashwani drop out from ku is a small scale investor in small business,Ankita MCA from LPU working with shine and HT media has enermous experience in b2c business,Priyanka lead generation skill in b2c is awful


Product/Service Summary

Providing students a plateform to spent hours on internet and still after that they came up with some knowledge practically useful to them in every way.

How are we different?

I can just tell you we have two competetiors now for saying because when you will compare them ours is way ahead. I am not telling you this as a businessman i am telling you this for being a customer for these services since last 15 years.Even anyone can tell the basic diff.

Product/Service Descriptions