Appachhi Technologies Private Limited

  • Bangalore, India
  • IT ServicesTesting, Data Analytics, Mobile, Android, iOS

We provide actionable intel by running right tests on right devices & achieve higher test coverage.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Pradeep Soundararajan :

CPO Nandan Pujar Experienced Product Owner & Business Analyst. Drove start-up from zero to 3cr

CTO Avinash Nishanth Geek, Java. Writes & architects code for breakfast. Founder, Cloudnix

Advisor Julian Harty: Ex-Google, Ebay, Author - Mobile Dev Books


    • Avinash Nishanth

    • Co-Founder, CTO

Product/Service Summary

Appachhi is Analytics Driven Test Automation Platform for Mobile Apps

How are we different?

All companies in this space are focusing on solving the tech side of testing apps and not on testing side of testing apps. What tests are important to run on what devices? Without this infra is mere enabler of more bad testing. We are test experts solving the real problem in testing found from 12 years experience in the same space.

Product/Service Descriptions