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Redefines talent management with Appreiz Graph and Rich HR analytics generated by crowdsourcing recognitions/feedback.

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Aug 04, 2016


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Aug 03, 2016


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Jul 18, 2016


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Team Summary

Jayashree comes with an outstanding career spanning two decades in US, INDIA AND CHINA as a technology leader. She has rich experience of delivering engineering and operational excellence with Microsoft, General Electric and start-ups. Among her recent corporate positions she was Principal PM, Director of strategy and planning, Director of Quality and Process in Microsoft India and COE leader in GE Consumer and Industrial Systems. During her career in Microsoft, she worked closely with HR in formulating the onboarding strategy of new hires, Leadership program for senior individual contributors and Workforce plan aligned with 3 year roadmap of the organization.

Krishnan comes with 25 years of experience from USA, India markets in Technology as a Technology leader.Krishnan comes with tons of startup experience being CEO of Kaaylabs which is a technology partner for startups .Krishnan has successfully exited out of his hyperlocal startup OrderRabbit.


Product/Service Summary

Resumes will not be used in future for hiring as resumes are made up. Instead you will use our patent pending transferable Appreiz graph which is built by crowd-sourcing your accomplishments.
Appreiz is a social recognition platform to redefine talent management. Appreiz crowd-sources recognition/feedback based on demonstrated capability and skill against a goal or a project from peers, coworkers, managers, customers and partners ,With this rich data collected Appreiz provides HR analytics for talent management , promotability, learning and development. It generates organizational network analysis .

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