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  • Delaware, USA
  • Enterprise Software, Human Resources, SaaS

Appreiz helps enterprises to enable culture , increase engagement & poductivity by reshaping talent

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times of india article

Aug 04, 2016


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Aug 03, 2016


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Jul 18, 2016


Team Summary

Jayashree has held leadership roles in Microsoft and GE . She has Experience in driving HR strategy for growth, leadership development and New hires onboarding strategy in Microsoft IDC in partnership with HR.

Kaaylabs is our technology partner.


Product/Service Summary

Appreiz is a social recognition platform to redefine talent management. Appreiz allows employees to recognize individuals on values, competencies and skills thereby generating social feedback including from social media to Appreiz graph (patent pending) of demonstrated capabilities & skills for the employees, Appreiz Dashboard and ONA for employers.

How are we different?

We are different from our competitors kudosnow, globoforce, achievers etc in being external recognition aggregator, patent pending appreiz graph, transfer of appriez profile and allowing recognition based on role based competencies.
we have a dashboard which shows organizations strength in terms of capabilities and skills real time to help talent management. We also create organizational network which provides lots of insights.

Product/Service Descriptions