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a vision to enable high quality healthcare through affordable, intuitive solutions to healthcare providers

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Arun Kumar C .Role : CEO . http://in.linkedin.com/pub/arun-c/91/437/29a
3 Co-Founders (with 15 yrs exp each in Healthcare Domain & eCommerce Domain ) currently they are supporting me .They are on regular jobs not yet fully on board with our company .We will be able to share these 3 founders information confidentially


Product/Service Summary

"Profile based Unified App to store Family health record related information which is connected to Doctors Digital Prescription tool ".One App for all Family Members & where each family member’s data is stored in a separate profile.
Ex : Father’s Profile, Spouse’s Profile,Kid1’s Profile,Kid2’s Profile .

How are we different?

Many players are in the field of Doctor Appointment scheduling no one yet in the market like our idea .
No single players who are taking about connecting patient with doctor for better care management.

Product/Service Descriptions