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  • Delhi, India
  • MarketingSales, Platform helps small retailers/service providers to expand their business by adopting technology


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Team Summary

The Founders have more than 15+ years of rich experience in working in Modern Trade, General Trade and E-commerce space. They have a deep understanding of various cities in India in terms of their buying behaviour, demography, market dynamics etc. By virtue of their exposure, experience and understanding they have come to believe that unorganised segment has got huge business potential since they offer following to their set of consumers inadvertently-
1) Convenience
2) Credit
3) Customised Service and above all
4) Building one to one relationship

If they are given a level playing filed in terms of bringing them closer to their set of consumers through technology, cascading knowledge, right product mix etc, they not only get empowered but also get to mainstream economics thereby becoming more self reliant.


Founding Team

Rajesh Nair


Rajkumar Choudhary


Product/Service Summary is a web and mobile enabled platform that aims to-

1) to help Consumers to search product offering/ offers available in unorganised segment at their arm's length as per their convenience;

2) to empower small & marginal retailers, service providers etc to get connected and cater all the consumers in its vicinity. This helps them in competing with organised segment by getting online, understanding modern day business tricks and becoming one with the mainstream economics;

3) to help medium traders, distributors, stockist, SMEs etc in a city to directly connect with these small and marginal retainers in their area of operations continually and expand their business by showcasing and offering their product range and build relationship;

4) to help big companies to carry out market based advertisement and promotions to Consumers, Customers and trade alike thereby gaining more business traction and spend effectiveness;

Product/Service Descriptions