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We provide the perfect stage for artists, artistes & creative professionals worldwide to showcase their talent, get appreciated, & get hired

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Business Development Associate Sales & Marketing
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Pune, India
talent management, brand promotion, New Business Development

Job Description
A Business Development Associate (BDA) would be tasked with the job of helping the Artistize business grow and therefore, they are high-level sales professionals. The role will require a fair amount of travel.

- Their priority would be to assist Artistize acquire new users (Artists as well as Seekers) and sell the services Artistize has to offer; this means the role is a crucial one for our business with the ambition to expand or the necessity to diversify its clientele.

- A BDA identifies trendsetter ideas by researching industry and related events, publications, and announcements; tracking individual contributors and their accomplishments.

- A BDA locates or proposes potential business deals by contacting potential partners; discovering and exploring opportunities.

- A BDA screens potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, potential, and financials; evaluating options; resolving internal priorities; recommending equity investments.

- Develops negotiating strategies and positions Artistize a high-value partner by examining risks and potentials, and estimating partners' needs and goals.

Social Media Specialist Sales & Marketing
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Pune, India
SEO, Social Media Marketing, Digital marketing

Job Description
The selected candidate will be responsible for,
  • Social media management
  • Social media posting and follow-up
  • User Engagement
  • Content creation for social media
  • Analysis and insight generation
  • Related activities, as the need arises

Who can apply:
  • You, if you have a strong inclination to online social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram) interaction
  • You, if you are an avid reader with impeccable written and verbal communication skills.
  • You, if you have a good command on Search Engine Optimization
  • You, if you are obsessed with details.
  • You, if you respect the dignity of work
  • You, if you can work full time out of Artistize’s Pune office

Team Summary

Suresh – A strategic thinker with strong leadership skills, who has always managed to excel at projects he has gotten his hands on. Being referred to as the 'trouble-shooter' in crisis situations, Suresh is a Ph.D. from Emmanuel College of the University of Cambridge. As nerdy as Suresh gets while discussing product development intricacies, that's how creative and independent the drive to achieve his endeavours gets him to be.

Deepa – Deepa is the thinker, the executer, the critique, the encourager, well, everything for Artistize. She built Artistize from scratch with Suresh.

Kartik – A full-stack solution to getting people (artists and seekers) associated with Artistize. He has a long list of activities already planned to boost the user-base on Artistize. Kartik has been training IIM-C students to equip them with required skill sets on entrepreneurship.

Dinesh - Programming languages are Dinesh’s home. It may take for a new technology to reach market, but Dinesh takes absolutely no time taking their total control. Dinesh loves to face programming challenges, to fix critical bugs and continuously bring up innovation in the product.

Sumant – Sumant is convinced that if we really want to provide value, we need to get experts on board. He is helping us in getting connected with the right experts and advisors to build a strong foundation for Artistize.

Deepak – Need inputs on strategy, there is Deepak. How to take care of investments? Ask Deepak. Roadmap to be validated, let’s go to Deepak. He is our one-stop advisor for everything!


Product/Service Summary

ARTISTize brings together artists around the world (both, performing as well as offstage artists - Actors, Models, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Comedians, Photographers, Painters, Hair Stylists, Make-up Artists, etc) on a single user-friendly online platform and makes opportunities accessible to the artists and talent available to the seekers (Employers, Producers, Event Managers, Agencies, Parents, Students, etc). In short we may call it as - "LinkedIn of Artists".

How are we different?

Artistize provides free full-fledged profile & portfolio display with networking abilities on a global scale, while all other such platforms are only regional, do not provide networking, or do not have the option of full-fledged profile displays without paid memberships.

Product/Service Descriptions