ArtyPlantz Nature Revitalisation Private Limited

  • Bangalore, India
  • AgricultureOrganic Agriculture, Education, Environment, Ecology, Restoration

Successfully launched beta version. Looking to scale up. Already healed 300 acres land n 1 lac minds

Beta Launched

Startup Video



Team Summary

Social entrepreneurs who are:
1. Senior botanists
2. Agriculture experts
3. Horticulturists
4. Nature connection event management experts
5. Musicians with passion for eco restoration
6. Designers and draftspersons
7. Digital marketing team


Product/Service Summary

Incubating social entrepreneurs who are heading following initiatives:
1. Setting up gardens by training malis on chemical-free native plants
2. Setting up food forest farms using natural farming techniques
3. Conducting workshops for caregivers to connect children to nature
4. Horticultural Therapy
5. Ecorestoration using seedballs and music

How are we different?

We solve people's problems and pain points innovatively using ecological drivers. Out business offerings offer solutions that make people open the purses but in the process every business initiative heals lands and minds. Each initiative is carefully planned to be scalable and replicable as well.

Product/Service Descriptions