• Bangalore, India
  • Fashion, Design, E-commerce, Marketplace

Artywear aims to be the worlds largest apparel design collective of independent designers.

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Team Summary

SADANAND KAMAT (CEO, IIMB) hails from where he was heading merchandise planning for the multi-brand business.

ABHISHEK UPADHYA (CMO, IIMI) He has run successful digital campaigns for TaxiForSure, & BYJU's

PRITAM PRASUN (CTO, IIT, KGP) is his brainchild along with developing the alumni CRM for IIT, KGP


    • Pritam Prasun

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

Artywear is a platform that empowers international artists and independent designers to showcase their designs through their own storefront.

The separation of design and production means customers have access to the latest, international and trendy designs while designers can focus purely on what they do best - "design"

How are we different?

We are a marketplace of designs not products which gives us the ability to source designs from all over the world hassle free and capture fast fashion trends instantly.

We believe this is the future of fashion because most awesome content today comes from individuals, not corporations and that will soon apply to apparel design as well.

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