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Artzyme, heart to heart thru' Arts. Only original & handmade Home Decor. No prints. Free Shipping.

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Top Startups By KC College Alumni | Near Fox

Himjal Pradipkumar, Artzyme Himjal Pradipkumar,an alumnus of K.C. College has award-winning experience in consumer goods Industry and founder of Artzyme. Artzyme is a platform to showcase the talent of local artisans and craftsmen from rural as well.


Artzyme was registered and founded today. Very Happy!



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Our 1st Media coverage, courtesy Near Fox



Participation in Exhibition

Participated 1st time in 3 day exhibition, display of Live Arts at VJTI Techno.



Team Summary

Focused team with passion, creativity, sales and marketing expertise.


    • Aparna

    • Founder

Product/Service Summary

Artzyme is an E-commerce Marketplace for Arts - Original Paintings, Genuine Handicrafts & Authentic Home Decor. We catalzyse creations of skilled Indian artisans revealing their finest works. Our aim is to showcase talents of local artisans, craftsmen who are located in urban or rural India, to make available the huge variety of Art and Culture to every Art Connoisseur and customer. We ship for free & at low rates anywhere in India. The customer benefits as we would like to work on low margins as compared to the agents/ galleries. Government initiative of going cashless will benefit customers who can order from any part of the country. We are team of young individuals, creative connoisseurs and IIMB alumni, with unique combo of talent to create, understand the true meaning & need of Arts & translating the same into making business sense.

How are we different?

Focus is on promoting Indian and original handmade Art industry - Paintings, Handicrafts, Home Decor etc. (excluding Garments & Jewellery). We do not promote prints. Focus on fast delivery of Arts goods. Kept low margins as compared with agents/ galleries. Focus one being One point solution for authentic Home Decor and promote eminent as well as emerging artists. Broadly classified as Budget, Mid-Range and Premium art works. Customers can choose products state wise based on pecularity of the art work.

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