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Arxiz Strives For Versatility, Advancement And Innovation In The New Era.

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Arsalan Azmi, A 15 Year Old Entrepreneur Developed Adorbx, A Remarkable App Better Than Google | Etv Urdu

Interview From A National News Channel From India (eTV Urdu) Of Arsalan Azmi,
A 15 Year Old Boy From Mumbra (A Town In India) Developed A Remarkable Application Named Adorbx For Android.

Oct 05, 2016


Team Summary

Arsalan is A Visionary Leader And An Extreme Risk Taker By Predicting Future Trends While Focusing And Spreading Awareness On The Things That Matter Like Privacy And Security. The Most Important Thing To Him Is The Community.


Founding Team

Arsalan Azmi


Product/Service Summary

Arxiz Strives For Innovation And Versatility In The New Era And Redefining Experience While Focusing On Solving The Problems Like Privacy And Security.

Our Current Product, Adorbx Is An All In One Android Application Which Is The Most Secure Gateway To The Internet And Has All The Essential Features Like:
Caller ID, News, Games, Search Engine, Browser, Music, Videos, Social Networks, Dictionary, Weather And Much More.
The Best Part, The Search Engine Is More Secure And Even Better Than The Most Used Search Engine Itself (Using DuckDuckGo)

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