Ather Energy

  • Chennai, India
  • automotive, cleantech

We design, build and sell smart, pure electric vehicles.

Proof of Concept

Startup Video


Team Summary

A team of engineers and designers - we love building a great experience. The team is wildly multi-disciplinary with graduates from mechanical, electrical, electronics and design streams. The team is young and almost all share a strong background in FSAE - the ultimate training ground for a young engineer in training.


Product/Service Summary

Smart, electric scooters which can out-accelerate a typical petrol scooter, weigh less than a petrol scooter, charge up over a lunch break and come with virtually immortal batteries.

How are we different?

We believe in vertical integration in design and technology development. Accordingly, we are the only one who are building the lithium ion battery packs, battery management systems, chassis, suspensions, body works - all in house.

We are exploiting a white-field opportunity of building an EV as good as (or better) than the petrol alternatives.

Product/Service Descriptions