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Cambridge Mask






Team Summary

P.K. Jain - Founder & MD - During the 40+ years of industry experience in manufacturing and chemical engineering, Mr. Jain headed companies like Hindustan National Glass, NUWUD, etc. Mr. P.K. Jain’s experience has been instrumental in the company’s ability to create new products and develop special purpose filtration / purification technologies. His experience in manufacturing and execution of institutional projects is also a key contributor to the company’s ability to generate institutional sales.

Vibhor Jain - CEO - As CEO of Atlanta Healthcare, Vibhor ‘s experience in e-Business and his background in strategy consulting (with Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young) has enabled the company to build upon its organizational strengths and articulate a concrete growth strategy. Vibhor with his experience has been able to implement an asset light model with effective B2B and B2C operational strategies.


    • P K Jain

    • Founder

Product/Service Summary

Our products help eradicate and protect people from Dust, Suspended Particulate Matter, Pollens, Air-borne allergens, bacteria, viruses, disease/infection causing microbes, lingering odour and noxious harmful gases.

Atlanta Healthcare’s range of air purifiers come with advanced, patented multi-stage air purification technology customized for Indian environmental conditions. Our air purifiers feature high grade HEPA Filter 0.3 Micron to remove particulate matter, Activated Carbon filter to catalyse and remove harmful gases, Photo catalyst and UV Light to remove virus and for air sterilization up to 97.5%. Select models also feature Ozone generators to remove organic odours and suspended microbes and Negative Ion generators.

Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge Masks are the latest addition to the range of products that fall under air quality management. Our Masks, unlike the ordinary ones in the market, have three layers of filter that eradicate the air pollutants from entering the human body

How are we different?

- Dedicated focus on air quality & air pollution since 2010 - First mover in Air Purification segment in the country
- iCluster Technology customised to be effective in Indian conditions & provide comprehensive solution
- Innovation for “connected” solution – leveraging technology
- Provide end to end solution for Air Pollution issues – indoor and outdoor
- Constantly innovating to add new product offerings ahead of the market
- Building a strong brand – Atlanta Healthcare
- Strong focus on Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) creation and protection

Product/Service Descriptions