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Preventive healthcare ecosystem for reducing healthcare spending and deliver effective treatment

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Team Summary

The team comprises of people from the field of ERP & System side application development with experience of 2.3 yrs (average) in IBM India Pvt Ltd and Vivanta Technologies.One of the core member had previously worked on wearable clothes for heart beat tracking.We are a young team with one single vision to reduce healthcare spending's of individual and ensuring effective delivery of care.The team is currently in their final year of post graduation in Operation,Marketing & Artificial Intelligence.The team is also equipped with basic financial skills.


    • Abhishek Adhikary

    • Founder

Product/Service Summary

With growing demand by patients to manage their own care, as seen by the rising number of people who own and use wearable devices we want to create a preventive healthcare environment using a comprehensive health care solution for patients and practitioners so as to reduce healthcare spending and deliver effective treatment

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