Automatski Corp.

  • London, UK
  • Internet of Things, Cloud Infrastructure

The most cutting edge rock solid engineered ground up IoT platform in the world today.

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

10-20+ years of Software Engineering experience each. Worked with companies like BCG, McKinsey, Fidelity, Tesco, Goldman Sachs…
Long 3-5+ year projects & Over 200+ people globally distributed teams
Led US$60 Billion Projects


Product/Service Summary

Automatski is a full stack (HW+SW) IoT Platform built from the ground up using first principles to meet the challenges of Real World Global IoT deployments at the IoT warranted throughput and scale. It is not an incremental offering but rather built from scratch with more than 50+ IoT Scenarios and Industries in mind. Offers Universal Integration

How are we different?

We have developed the platform and services from the ground up using first principles for IoT scale of operations. Addressing 80%+ is IoT issues including Security & Privacy, Scalaibility, Throughput, Reliability etc. We are the first in the world with Autonomous Compute Platforms designed for consumption by machines without any human intervention.

Product/Service Descriptions