• Pune, India
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Exclusive Online Store for Pilots, Crew Members and Aviation Enthusiast

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

1. Atul Joshi - Founder and President. 20 years experience in Software Development and Project Management. Worked with Infosys, HCL, Polaroid and Ramco. Linked In : www.linkedin.com/in/atulpj
2. Milind Baxi : https://in.linkedin.com/pub/milind-baxi/25/74a/58b
3. Advisory Board : Capt Bakoo VSM - 35 years of flying experience with sound knowled


Product/Service Summary

This is an exclusive store for Pilots and Crew Members to buy their items online. There are more than 8400 items which can be sold on this site. We are planning for a dropship arrangement initially to avoid cost of stocking the items. The site shall be further extended to the Aviation Jobs, Aviation Certifications, Aviation Training Learning

How are we different?

This is a focussed store with all the items which are exclusively needed by Pilots and Crew. There are recurring items like flight book etc which the Cabin Crew and Pilots needs. Also in India there is only store in Mumbai and that too with the base in Dubai. The venture can be extended further to SAARC and African Countries

Product/Service Descriptions