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An Online Platform(Software and App) for bringing low cost and Specialized Coaching Classes (Offline) for Engineering College Students

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Mukhtar Kazi – Founder and CEO
An Entrepreneur looking to change things in Education sector. Being An Engineer (Electronics and Telecommunication) from Mumbai University helps him understand the problems our college students are facing right now. Has been an active member in various college fests. His mission is to use technology to bring students together on a common educational platform. To give students Coaching Education by a low and cost effective approach and has already founded a platform called AWDIZ for the same. Also working on a Software for making Campus recruitment easier and free for students and colleges.

Wasim Kazi – Co Founder
A 2nd year Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering student from Mumbai University. Being in college allows him to have a direct presence with the student market and it has always been a key approach through which he handles customer reviews and feedback for the betterment of the product


Founding Team

wasim kazi

wasim kazi


Product/Service Summary

Our coaching class software AWDIZ – Knowledge at your fingertips would be giving students the freedom to learn and pay for what they want and not what the classes’ demands from them. A simple platform to select what he wants, when he wants, where he wants gives the students a profitable and better experience for studying.

Product/Service Descriptions