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An answer to a common question : Aaj Meethe Mein Kya Hai? India's 1st Online Dessert /Sweets Portal.

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Team Summary

Nishant Mehta is the front end of BnS. Vendor Management, Customer Acquisition, Offline Marketing, Customer Management and Process Designs are his responsibilitie. Tarun Sharma manages the finance, Process design, Online marketing and Strategic planning initiatives. Keshav Gupta handles IT side of BnS. UI/UX design, Site flow, SEO etc are his areas


    • Tarun Sharma

    • Co-Founder

    • Keshav Gupta

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

"Aaj Meethe Mein Kya Hai?"--Usually this is an unanswered question.We order food online but have no real options for Desserts and Sweets?Hence, Bakes'n'Sweets brings a unique portal for the Need for Sweet. BnS is India's 1st Desserts and Sweets Ordering Portal. Chocolates/Cakes/Yogurts/Ice Cream/Ras MalaiCold Coffee are available at in-store Prices

How are we different?

We are not a food ordering website.We take care of the Last Course.We are the only option to order homedelivery of desserts/sweets online (as of now in Pune).We offer options like to order local desserts from anywhere in the town,pre-book home-deliver of festival sweets,order cakes from your choice of bakery brands and all this at in-store prices.

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