Indian Barista & Coffee Academy

  • Pune, India
  • Education

India's 1st Coffee and Barista training Academy

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Team Summary

After running our cafe successfully for 4.5 years we got to know that very few can learn about coffee and explore the carreer opportunities in the coffee industry. Thus Indian Barista and Coffee Academy aims at opening the gates to the carreer opportunities by providing efficient training in various feilds of the coffee industry.


    • Supriya Jadhav

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

We wish to start a Barista training academy and offer services to various coffee brands and institutes.We see a growth in coffee culture in the past 5 yrs as many international coffee brands are entering India including starbucks. The demand for qualified Baristas is going to grow. Hence, we want to be the first in India to start Barista training.

Product/Service Descriptions