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Need to think for tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Future of startup is here. Solve problem of these cities

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Team Summary

In my team now we have 3 members including me. Second one is Prof. Parikshit Pachorkar who is asst. professor in SKH MBA college. He has 5 years industrial and 3 years education field experience. He handle the role of management strategies and financial planning of our project. Second member is Mahesh Gadhari who is Mechanical engineer from K. K. Wagh College of Engg. Now he is helping me in campaigning in Nashik. But he'll handle whole delivery team after launching our service. And at last I'm responsible for fund raising and management of all things of startup like campaigning, presentations, documentations etc. We are actually a very good team which are fully dedicated for success of this project. Sometimes we need some consultation regarding business strategies then we goes towards Mr. Pratap Patole, Mr. Kapil Patil. Mr. Prakash Adke and many more which are the well known businessmen in Nashik.


Founding Team

Sagar Thoke


Product/Service Summary

We are starting an App driven daily meal service for tier 2 and tier 3 cities.Our service will solve the daily meal problem of students and workers. Cities like Nashik are the hub of education and industries. Which attracts people to come here. They stays here but miss the homemade food at an affordable price. It creates a huge impact on health of these people. By BHOJAN we"ll solve this problem effectively.

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