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  • Social Network, Online Aggregator is a superb social platform for children and it's engaging, entertaining and fruitful


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Team Summary

2 conceptualizers. Rahul Gandhi, a 16 year old professional with experience in customer experience and process re-engineering. He understands what the customers want and what links them with a brand. Organizations like GE, SCB, Airtel and Snapdeal have provided the paychecks - latter being a startup was the turning point and that started a build on an idea which has now been in the wings for the last 6 months. He is a visionary and works passionately to create value for all the stakeholders. Shveta Uppal - a PGDBM who has worked in the banking sector for many years where she has managed client relationships effortlessly. As a mother she has understood many kids and their liveliness. She loves kids and understands their emotional and psychological needs completely. We are creative, compassionate, versatile, social and value driven couple and our dream is to create a spectacular social world for children and we are committed to put our heart and soul in it to make this vision a reality.


Founding Team

Rahul Gandhi


Shveta Uppal


Product/Service Summary

Our product is an online social platform for kids of ages 7-17 only which is not only safe & secure but is going to be engaging, entertaining and fruitful. In this social park there will be no customers aged 18 and above. There will be 2 UI - junior [7-12] and senior [13-17]. It is the child's own space in the digital world where they will be able to grow socially and emotionally as well. They will be able to connect and build good relationships with many pals and will have the freedom to express emotions, thoughts and feelings with them on this platform. There is subtle parental control which will enable the kids to get signed up. Its a different UI with interesting games, intelligent debates, captivating pictures and videos and creative boosters which would ensure that the customers show stickiness and will drive daily traffic to the platform. The kids have the highest suggestibility quotient and with a CAGR of 10% this is going to be kids digital marketplace.

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