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  • Big Data, Analytics, real-time analytics

BlobCity provides the software that can run your analytics at business real-time (< 200ms)

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May 21, 2014


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Nov 03, 2013


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Jun 24, 2013


Team Summary

We are mixed team comprising of individuals with various levels of experience, but all from the IT space. The founder Sanket has 10 years experience in software performance consulting and is also the chief architect of the Infinitum product. He architected several large systems including the customer facing portal for one of the worlds largest FMCG company that gets 7 million visitors on its website daily. Karishma a co-founder has worked with Accenture before joining BlobCity and comes with 6 years of experience. Although from a technology background, she has moved onto operations and is responsible for the end to end operations and delivery. We have a team of young and highly skilled and highly motivated programmers with 1-4 years of experience that contribute to the bulk of the programming work, with a mix of few 20-25 years of experience personnel who are customer facing for relationship management, strong technology expertise for solution provisioning and offering strong leadership supporting founders.


Founding Team

Product/Service Summary

BlobCity offers a real-time analytics data store. If you have billions of data points on which you run your analytical models at business real time ( < 200ms), we provide you the software infrastructure to do the same. Example use-cases being ATM Fraud Detection, Pipeline monitoring by drones, Mouse-stream analytics for eCommerce.

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