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How to extend the global footprint of your B2B SaaS startup?

Priya Rajan of SVB, Anand Jain of CleverTap, and Manav Garg of Eka Software cover the key metrics that are essential to taking any B2B SaaS enterprise to the next level

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LV Operator’s Studio | Challenges CTOs face at startups

How do you design a technology architecture at a startup? What are the challenges that CTOs face while designing a tech roadmap and aligning to business goals

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mCaffeine | Building a Cracking Content & Influencer Marketing Strategy

Tarun Sharma of mCaffeine talks about the best practices for developing content and influencer marketing strategies. He gets into the technicalities of how good marketing can drive ROI

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#LetsTalkESOP | Employees and Equity Generation

2x entrepreneur - Jitendra Gupta of Jupiter Money talks about the key to building successful startups, efficient hiring practices, compensation and SAR based equity grants.

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How much equity should be diluted to create the ESOP pool?

Ritesh Banglani of Stellaris VP and Ruchi Deepak of Acko explain ESOPs as a whole and talk about when to create the ESOP Pool, and whom to grant & how much

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User retention can either make or break businesses

Suchit Dash of Dubsmash talks about how user retention affetcs a consumer business. He shares the Dubsmash story - of booming, crashing, restarting and making back to the top

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Can SPACs live up to the buzz?

SPACs, as an alternative to traditional IPO, are considered a safe bet during choppy markets and the global outbreak of COVID-19 has played a major role in their popularity. Here's why SPACs are picking up steam!

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Revenue Based Financing – An emerging asset class for the smart investor

RBF is a new form of asset capital that facilitates ease of doing business for both investors and founders. Nimesh Kampani of LV Plus uncovers the nuances of RBF and related advantages

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The 'business' of angel investing

How has the Indian investing space evolved in the last few years? What are Lead Syndicates and how is carry negotiated and allocated? Read this nuanced take!

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Bharat Calling – What should investors account for in Bharat-focused startups?

We spoke with several founders who are building products for Bharat, and summed up what investors must account for while evaluating and investing in such startups

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Angel Investments – Evaluate before Committing!

Pallav Pandey, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, shares his take on angel investments. He talks about the parameters that an angel should look for before making an investment

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Angel Investing Masterclass | Mental Models

Amit Somani of Prime VP shares a few mental models that angels should leverage before signing cheques. These models can be instrumental to high ROI