• Ahmedabad, India
  • E-commerce

Fiction-non fiction book at price cheaper than any online store.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

We are 7 students from the same institute and we do have a great deal of understanding amongst ourselves. The whole entire team is focused and disciplined. We have 2 for content writing and Marketing, three members for public relations and logistics and 2 members for handling technical requirements.


Product/Service Summary

Our store BookBilli is in the marketplace with a vision of providing books(Academic/Non-Academic) at affordable prices to its readers. We import books from USA in bulk which help us with the cost factor. We have all the best seller novels and academic books available at 40-60% discount to customers.

How are we different?

Our price, our packaging and our analog approach to custormer relationship management. Price at which we sell non academic books(fiction, biographies, inspirational books, children’s books etc.) is unmatched, way cheaper than what it is at any online store. Innovative bookmarks and packaging adds to the beauty of the books.

Product/Service Descriptions