BookLeey Ecommerce Pvt Ltd.

  • Bangalore, India
  • Consumer GoodsBooks, E-commerce

BookLeey currently helps more than 1000 students to purchase/rent/sell textbooks easily on clicks.

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

Sushil is handling all the technical and operational functions a BookLeey and partner Davinder Singh is handling all the customer engagement and operational part. We have 2 salaried employees who take cares of admin job.


Founding Team

I have total 4+ years of experience in IT sector. Currently working as S/w engineer in a MNC. BookLeey is my dream project where I am implementing all my experience to solve the issues faced by young engineers in Bangalore

Product/Service Summary

Right now as per our survey data 90% students goes to avenue road to buy books, which is a hectic job for all students. To overcome this issue we have launched where students can buy second hand textbooks at very affordable prices, they can rent textbooks and save a good amount of money, Students can sell their old textbooks at a click. Students can even download past 5 year question papers for free of cost. BookLeey also provides necessary accessories for students like scientific calculators, notebooks, lab coats, rough sheets etc. Students can even donate the textbooks which in return we will give it to different NGOs without any profit. Our main motive is to help students across Bangalore to save their precious time and money. also provides a platform to Faculties to share their notes directly with students.

Product/Service Descriptions