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A complete market place for consumers all wellness services needs.

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Team Summary

Vijay, Shashank, Ajit, and Amitesh. Together we have 3 enginnering and 3 MBA degreess. We have founded four start ups among us.. We collectively have 15 ears of Computer experience, 12 years of business experience. We bring many skills together such as technologies, big data, project management, investment banking, marketing, sales aming few.


Product/Service Summary

Marketplace for wellness, connecting consumers with wellness providers such as spa and salons. we offer cloud Spa management system to enable spa and saloms to manage both online anf offline systems. Service consumers discover, review, compare, and book service online.

How are we different?

Not ony we are first but also only marketplace for wellness in India. Our platform helps consumers find best service at most convenient location at best price. while we help. Through our cloud based system we offer cost effective solution to spa owners to manage their business. Our platform is like Open table is for restaurants.

Product/Service Descriptions