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We are Building a Better World with #MeTheChangemaker. Inviting all to join our live projects now.

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Team Summary

Anil Annaiah is the author of book "Nobody Speaks To Me" published in 2001 / 2002, This book advocates "Brand Radianz" practice for innovative social impact synergies & empowering goals. It has powerful reviews.

Anil Annaiah has worked with leading brands across the Corporate & Social Development world. His work from the last two decades has been about conceiving and contributing to both the corporate & social impact assignments, as a photographer, ideator, strategist, consultant, writer & filmmaker. His diverse experience & collective knowledge, lends him rich communications expertise.

He aspires to bridge the gap between the Corporate & Development World, with Brand Radianz Tools. His MeTheChangemaker offers a powerful platform and synergy, towards building social goodness - behaviour change with communication ideas.


Founding Team

Anil Annaiah

Founder, CEO

Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer, & Ideator. Author|Nobody Speaks To Me, Simple Perceptions, New Clouds & My Mirror. Founder|Annleela & Brand Radianz

Product/Service Summary

Storytelling, Empowerment & Volunteering are Brand Radianz tools for the Corporate World & Development Organisations to enrich their Brand Purpose and Empower Behaviour Change Goals.These tools will bring forth the Radianz Potential, build new paths for a better life and achieve social goodness.

Brand Radianz practice is of the belief, that organisations / institutions / businesses could adopt & nurture authenticity across frontiers, to wield remarkable power. Brand Radianz practice organisations, reach higher business goals. They succeed immensely, both as firms of endearment and economic returns in their quest to build a better world.

Inviting all to start a Conversation here at our [ME]eting Place & tell us about the Cause - Issue - Brand Purpose they deeply care about and want to bring in Social Impact & Behaviour Change.

Share your dream for a better world with us and become - [ME] the Changemaker.

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