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  • Delhi, India
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Bridzed connects students to coaching institutes using disruptive tech.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Vardan Aggarwal: Vardan is the hipster and the visionary at Bridzed. He has a knack for reducing complex problems to very basics and build simple solutions for the same. He has developed the entire search process used at from scratch. His vision for bridzed is to be a personal assistant in everyone's personal devices guiding people through their everyday decisions. He has a strong understanding of coaching industry both from a student's perspective and a coaching institute owner's perspective.
Mohammad Mohtashim: Mohtashim is the hustler and the marketing expert. He has the capacity to turn product into brands. He has been working as a wealth manager at Axis Bank and has a capacity to sell almost anything. He can create a market when there is none.


Founding Team

Vardan Aggarwal


Mohammad Mohtashim


Product/Service Summary

Bridzed labs is bringing the power of internet to Indian coaching industry. We are building a platform where coaching institutes can brand and advertise themselves while students can choose the best institute for them using our innovative search process.

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