• Bangalore, India
  • Advertising, E-commerce

Bullviz.com provides opportunity for all the customers to feel the product before buying online.

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

We are 2 people team
Shantha Kumar - have around 10+ years of experience in 3d animations and modelling.
Bharath - Working as software developer.


Product/Service Summary

Our mission is to bridge the gap between eShopping and physical shopping by providing 3d view of products.
I kindly request you to experience this yourself first hand by clicking on the link belo
And you can click on the link 3d view below each product, you can play with the mouse (on PCs), arrows and touch on smart phones.

How are we different?

The biggest differentiator between our solution and any other existing solution in the market is that each 3D model that we make is less than 400kb in size, thereby greatly benefiting customers indulging in online shopping. The smaller file size brings an unbroken experience and also helps the case of India having poor internet connectivity.

Product/Service Descriptions