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  • Patna, India
  • Services, Real Estate, Internet, Consulting is Patna’s own online real estate platform. “Forever new horizons”

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Team Summary

As Patna makes its way to become one of the fastest growing cities,, conceptualized by level headed simple innovators and believers, is spearheading the change the way the real estate industry in Patna will be experienced in the future. We desire to help Patna (and other cities/towns like Patna) live better.


Product/Service Summary is Patna’s own online real estate platform. One can explore all types of property in Patna on our hyper local real estate website. We not only surgically verify each listing that one sees on our website but also carry a due diligence of the property. It helps buyers and sellers in Patna to experience hassle free transaction,

How are we different?

To achieve the goals and work for it we follow a process named “PIED” by us. “P” in the PIED stands for planning; “I” stands for ideas while planning; “E” symbolizes execution of these ideas and plans and “D” is the resultant destination. We will march towards making a knowledge corporation which also will manifest itself as centre-less corporation

Product/Service Descriptions