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Caféidly disrupts the conventional experience of customers consuming traditional South Indian food.

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Don’t start a business with the primary goal of making money,commit yourselves to selling value to your customers. Money will be the by-product of that transaction


If you close your eyes and think of South Indian food the first thing that comes to mind are the soft idlys and vadas with coconut chutney. Now combine this with some classical rock music. Heaven! Introducing Café Idly


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Bangalore's best cafes:
Time Out recommends the best cafes in the city.Café Idly tries to render chic the grab-and-go process of snacking on idli-vada


Have 'idli' and music of your choice | Deccan herald

Good food with fine music is all that a true foodie can ever wish for. And this small eatery in Fraser Town called Cafe Idly offers its customers just this.


Idli, Sambar and Soul Music at Café Idly! |

Café Idly started by two MBA graduates could be called the coolest southern tiffin center in town. What sets this place apart is the awesome ambience coupled with great music


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Café Idly has the potential to take the concept forward and hit other cities. More outlets in Bangalore before moving onto cities like Pune and Mumbai might be the sensible way forward.


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It's no run-of-the-mill pop cafe. Off the menu are pastries and burgers. Off the playlist are Shakira, Lady Ga Ga, bhangra pop and the likes. For, at this eatery, the menu is strictly Indian — self-service — and the music classic western rock


Bangalore Mirror Saveur: Cafe idly | Bangalore Mirror

This eatery in Frazer Town is gaining traction for a unique blend of rock music and South Indian food. Founders, brothers Dinesh and Rajesh Bhaktianathan quit their HR jobs to turn entrepreneurs with this venture in 2009


Hot idli on the rocks? Try new combo | Times of India

Traditional fast food served with a ‘classic rock’ touch — ever tried a bite of steaming hot and butter-soft idlis dipped in spicy coconut chutney, to the sound of rock numbers by Eric Clapton and the Beatles?


Cafeidly on BBC World News | BBC World News

CafeIdly featured on BBC World News.
Cafe Idly shared our views on what Small and Medium scale businesses want from the 2013 Budget.


Dinesh and Rajesh Bhaktinathan of Cafe Idly who are adding a dash of cool to South Indian cuisine.


bootstrapped and started in Oct 2009



Media Coverage

Featured on BBC World News



Opened Our Second Outlet

Opened our Second Outlet in Gopalan Signature mall.CV Raman Nagar , Bangalore


Media Coverage

Featured on CNBC YoungTurks



Expanded the Frazer town outlet seating capacity

Expanded the Frazer town outlet seating capacity from 8 to 25



remodelled the frazer town outlet for better space utilisation

remodelled the frazer town outlet,optimised kitchen,brought down labour cost


looking for location to open 3 outlet

looking for location to open 3rd outlet,total area of less than 150sqft




Team Summary

Founders Rajesh & Dinesh are from HR background having a combined exp of 15yrs in the ITES industry specialising in Leadership Hiring & Employee Relations respectively.
Dinesh has an PGDBA from Symbiosis, Pune . Has previously worked with Infosys, TVA Allegis.
Rajesh has an MBA(HR) ,has worked with Mphasis,IBM.


Product/Service Summary

Idlys with Rock n Roll" defines Cafe Idly in short. "Traditional South Indian Food specializing in different types of Idlies but served with a 'Classic Rock touch". Ever tried biting into steaming hot, butter-soft idlys with spicy chutney,to the sounds of G'n'R & Hendrix? It's just part of the "smart food for smart people" philosophy at Cafe Idly

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