Calligo Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Bangalore, India
  • Information/TechHigh Performance Computing, AIMachine Learning, Engineering, Research, Platform

High Peformance Computing (HPC) - THE Technology for Big-Data Analytics and High-end Research

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Team Summary

Leadership team with over 200 Man Years of International and Domestic Experience in Computing (high-end CPU designs, System-level Designs, ASICs) and Storage. Software team consisting of Engineers from top technical institutions in the country.


    • Anantha Kinnal

    • Founder

Product/Service Summary

Calligo is a startup on High Performance Computing and Big Data. HPC is a important requirement for solving large scale and complex scientific and engineering problems. We address high-value problems such as speeding Product development (automotive/aerospace/Life Sciences), optimizing business operations (financial services, insurance, Retail). We are working on highly optimized platforms for Big-Data Analytics, leveraging HPC as the enabling technology.

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