Calligo Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Bangalore, India
  • Information/TechHigh Performance Computing, AIMachine Learning, Engineering, Research, Platform

High Peformance Computing (HPC) - THE Technology for Big-Data Analytics and High-end Research

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Team Summary

Leadership team with over 200 Man Years of International and Domestic Experience in Computing (high-end CPU designs, System-level Designs, ASICs) and Storage. Software team consisting of Engineers from top technical institutions in the country.


    • Anantha Kinnal

    • Founder

Product/Service Summary

Calligo is a startup on High Performance Computing and Big Data. HPC is a important requirement for solving large scale and complex scientific and engineering problems. We address high-value problems such as speeding Product development (automotive/aerospace/Life Sciences), optimizing business operations (financial services, insurance, Retail). We are working on highly optimized platforms for Big-Data Analytics, leveraging HPC as the enabling technology.

How are we different?

Calligo has deep knowledge of latest HPC technologies - CPU, Interconnect and Storage. We believe that Hardware (CPU) Technology has progressed exponentially over the last decade, but Software has not kept up the same pace. Calligo is addressing this big gap by focusing on Software optimization through Parallelization, to exploit the processing powers offered by modern day CPUs (latest with 72-cores!). Calligo has mastered this art. Intel endorses this and announced Calligo as one of 10 companies worldwide as their Code Modernization Partners at ISC'15. Calligo is now leveraging this expertise to solve problems in Enterprise segment - such as Big-Data Analytics

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