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CalorieSmart is subscription based service, providing nutritionally balanced meals to working execs.

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Team Summary

Brand CalorieSmart, owned by Scientific Diets Private Limited was set up in 2011. The Company was co-founded by Priyanka Verma, a dietician and Dimple Chatterjee, an entrepreneur. Dr Ashima Manek, a dentist by qualification, joined the board six months later. The team has been successful in setting up CalorieSmart as a subscription based meal delivery service for office-goers in Gurgaon.


Product/Service Summary

CalorieSmart provides nutritionally balanced & calorie Controlled meals, delivered at the working executive's desktop! Its a subscription based service. Our biggest asset has been customer loyalty, with more than 50% customers on board with us since more that 2 years. We also do high end corporate catering with new age clients who value health.

How are we different?

CalorieSmart makes life convinient for busy office goers, by offering healthy, nutritionally balanced meals including Indian regional and world cuisines, about 15 types of menus thus making daily lunch experience exciting. We are subscription based service, saving the hassle of looking up apps daily to wonder where to order from!

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