Campus Sutra

  • Bangalore, India
  • E-commerce

Current strike rate of 1 million $ sales in 1 year-Campus Sutra helps individuals express identity

Steady Revenues

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Team Summary

Campus Sutra is now 23 member strong. Founders of Campus Sutra are from premier Business schools and come with varied backgrounds of Marketing, Digital media, Operations and Design. Dhiraj Agarwal (CEO of Campus Sutra) was among the first 50 employees at Bharti Wal-Mart and has set up 150 of the 230 stores Bharti Wal-Mart operates.


Product/Service Summary

Campus Sutra is a youth brand for Campus Centric Merchandise. Products available at Campus Sutra are based on insights about college life. Campus Sutra also provides custom merchandise to cater to the needs of students in Campuses across the country.

How are we different?

Campus Sutra has differentiated itself in KSFs of sourcing, range & differentiated designs. In a short span of 1 year we have built a catalog of 8000 SKUs which are sold through its own website and 20 top e-commerce sites in India. Efficient supply chain has led to one of the best inventory turnovers and less than 1 % loss in clearance.

Product/Service Descriptions