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Capquant offers products based on unstructured data extraction and analysis for Financial Services

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Barclays’ Rise Accelerator announces first cohort with 10 FinTech startups | Times of India

Oct 17, 2016


Barclays’ Rise Accelerator announces first cohort with 10 FinTech startups | Times of India

Oct 17, 2016


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Team Summary

Capital Quant team comprises of seasoned technologists who have worked with Global Investment Banks and Asset Management firms. Expertise of the team is in the following areas:
1. Capital Markets Business Domain
2. Machine Learning
3. Statistics
4. Core Technology for developing applications


    • Arun Krishnamoorthy

    • Head of Engineering

Product/Service Summary

FinStinct uses machine learning and NLP technology to extract & analyse large volumes of unstructured data to derive actionable intelligence for the financial services industry. It automates the extraction & analysis of meaningful information provided in financial documents such as annual reports, equity research reports, earning call transcripts, news etc.
Market participants, credit risk, trade finance & treasury functions take a lot of decisions based on the information that is provided in such documents. These functions derive Insights from the documents manually and this creates a bandwidth problem.
This not only enhances the productivity but also reduces cost as currently the manual process is expensive.
For eg currently the credit risk team extracts the balance sheet for their SME clients from their annual reports which comes in a PDF. The extraction is done manually and then stored it in their system. FinStinct automates not just the extraction but also storage and analysis.

How are we different?

Differentiation is in the following areas:

1. FinStinct has the ability to extract and analyse large complex documents such as Annual reports and Research reports and is not just relying on social media.

2. FinStinct generates insights which are actionable and does not just stop at providing information. For instance, FinStinct identifies price moving triggers from News and Research reports. It also analyzes the direction of the price moving trigger.

Globally big data firms for Financial Services can be segmented as
1. Intelligent search eg Eagle Alpha
2. Text Analytics eg Social Alpha
3. Correlation & Causation eg Eidosearch
Very few are at the intersection of the three. True value is at the intersection. Kensho is one eg. FinStinct offers not just insights but actionable strategies.

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