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Affordable solution(MIRCaM) with intelligence and analytics that provides correct cardiac diagnosis.

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

Co-founders: Anand, Praveen, Mosin, Senior cardiologist: K G Balakrishnan a , 4 engineers, 4 trainees. Advisory Bio-medical engineering: Ramani, Medical device sales: Sivaram R, key visionary: Dr. Valiathan. 2 angels: Sashi Kumar and Narendra Rajsingh.


Product/Service Summary

We have built a single front line device for ECG diagnosis with intelligence, which will enable diagnosis and monitoring of patients who walk in with symptoms of cardiac problems. MIRCaM™ system with its intelligent algorithms will monitor the patient and automatically pickup the right episode. We will run this in pay per use mode.

How are we different?

No single device for diagnosing early to late stage Coronary Artery Disease(CAD) and Arrhythmias other than the Standard ECG machine which takes only resting ECG for 12 seconds and not good enough in detecting CAD as the patient is not allowed to move, Our intelligent device brings confirmed ECG to cardiologist and makes the system efficient.

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