CashBasha (Alpha Apps, Inc.)

  • Dubai, UAE
  • Software, E-commerce

We enable emerging market customers to shop from international shopping sites like Amazon with ease!

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Team Summary

We have a combined over 35 years of experience between our management.
Fouad Jeryes, Business lead - Seasoned entrepreneur who has a data mining and media startup background. Has previously lead projects for Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and others. Was part of the founding team of Oasis 500, a Jordan based incubator that has 170+ investments and others. (Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Dartmouth with BSC in CS & Bus. Admin)
Sinan Taifour, Technical lead - over 13 years as a lead technical professional, senior software engineer at Google and part of the founding team of popular MENA based card gaming website, (Hold Msc. in communication engineering from Technical University of Munich.)
Zeina SheikhYassin, Operations lead - 10 year veteran of major emerging markets logistics company, Aramex. Previously lead special projects and global operations from their head office.


Founding Team

Fouad Jeryes


Sinan Taifour


Product/Service Summary

We're an e-commerce technology company that enables shoppers in emerging markets to make purchases from international online shopping sites that do not serve their geographies in a seamless and automated manner with their preferred payment methods, local logistics, clearance and full customer service to their doorstep.

Our mission is to relieve the pains of customers in developing areas by creating disruptive layers of technology, building on new business processes and examining data to catalyze modern shopping services for the rest of the world. Our mandate is to produce efficient, elegant and machine-driven platforms that can be shared with the rapidly growing market of e-tailers so that they increase efficiency, reduce cost and source or sell internationally from the get-go.

Product/Service Descriptions