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India's fastest growing Crowdfunding Platform, backed by experts and unique 'India/Asia' model

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Team Summary

Core Team has more than 10 years of combined experience across building startup operations, marketing, technology.

Satish Kataria - Founder, has been pioneer of Crowdfunding in India.

This is further supported by team of leading national and international domain experts, having more than 15 decades of combined experience


    • Yogesh Karikurve

    • Associate Director

    • Part time

    • Shyam Benegal

    • Mentor

    • Ravi Kiran

    • Mentor

    • Shravan Shroff

    • Mentor

    • Satish Kataria

    • Advisor

    • Robin Gupta

    • Advisor

Product/Service Summary

Catapooolt is amongts India's premier Crowdfunding and Community engagement platform. After bringing series of innovations in the crowdfunding model, the platform is now working on series of next growth initiatives - including building Crowdfunding SaaS platforms to help various organisations leverage the power of communities.

How are we different?

We are World's only Crowdfunding platform to have three-tier rewards module - thus making us strongly pro-contributor in 'value-conscious' Indian market.

Backed by strong team and advisors - who can offer lot more value to potential projects rather than just funding.

We offer hands-on support to projects to implement effective fund strategy

Product/Service Descriptions