Cerebrate Inc

  • Aurangabad, India
  • AnalyticsBusiness Intelligence, Data Analytics

We have developed a low cost, cloud based business intelligence solution for small and medium scale

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Team Summary

The management team is led by our CEO - Eashwar Iyer who has worked in the BI space for over 15 years. Other team members include
Shyam Munshi - CFO, Expert in ERP Implementations
Shon Saoji - Chief Architect, MS USC
Tanmay Golhar - Manager India Operations, MBA UCLA
Aziz Jiwani - Manager India Operations


Product/Service Summary

We have developed a low cost, cloud based Business Intelligence solution for small and medium scale industries. We reduce Total cost of ownership of a BI solution drastically. Our easy to use interface allows end users to unleash the power of analytics on their data without needing to buy expensive licences or hire pricey data scientists.

How are we different?

We have simplified data modeling and integrated all the components of a BI solution and packaged it together so as to reduce cost and time of deployment.

Product/Service Descriptions