Cerebroz Corp.

  • Surat, India
  • Education, Social Impact

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Team Summary

We are a team of friends who happens to be a Scientist, Engineers, Designers, Academicians and Researcher. we are divided by profession but united by vision to improve the education sector of India and make the world a better place to live.

Vijay Kantharia: Founder, He was a Researcher in Stowers Institute for Medical Research in USA before dropping out and started Cerebroz Corp.

Vikas Tiwari: Founding Member , Is an Mechanical Engineer with a burning desire to change the society and joined hands with the Cerebroz to do the same as he saw the ideologies are same with him.

3. Sarang Purandare: Is an Academician and a classmate of Vijay Kantharia in M.S.University is taking care of the Animation department in Cerebroz.

4. Yatendra Satija: Is a scientist in reputed National University in New Delhi and has the vision for better education system in India, to fulfil it he is in Cerebroz.

5. Dipika Kher: Driving fore behind the Cerebroz establishment, she is so enthusiastic that her enthusiasm is contagious and Inspire every one with his enthusiasm. She is taking care of the Cerebroz Events happening around the City for promoting EduTree.

None of us has the prior Business experience but we all have a burning desire to learn and take EduTree to the greatest heights so we don't consider our inexperience as a weak point but we believe in us and take it as a strong point.


    • Dr. Yatendra Satija

    • Founder

    • Vikas Tiwari

    • Founder

    • Sarang Purandare

    • Founder

    • Dipika Kher (Vijay Kantharia)

    • Founder

Product/Service Summary

EduTree is a genius tech. device which will free you from TV and digital media slavery making your life more valuable and simultaneously providing complete education through visual animation, content prepared by nation's best teacher on your finger tip.

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