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Chalksphere conncts educational institutions to all stakeholders parents ,teachers and students.

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Team Summary

Sandip Panigrahi , Founder is B.Tech from NIT and MBA from USA with 18 years experience in large IT Companies in India and USA. His expertise is in areas of Technology ,CRM and Marketing .. As a parent , he noticed significant lack of communication with school , tools lacking support students learning in creative way and safety and security .


Product/Service Summary

ChalkSphere is an educational ecosystem, which uses effective, relevant, safe and targeted social network to connect, collaborate and change for better. Also to ensure that every child is safe and secure inside the school or after school care.

We are the Facebook and Whatsapp for Parents and Schools in short.

How are we different?

There are very few solutions connecting schools and teachers with students and parents on a connected and collaborative way. The big issue is communication , collaboration , creative learning and safety that the solution addresses. It helps educational institution from being inward centric to consumer focussed and build students.

Product/Service Descriptions