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Chameleon-SAYS: Not just BPM, not CRM, not even SaaS. Welcome to Software At Your Service(c)!

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Team Summary

John: A visionary determined to make application development as easy as 1-2-Release, and a Developer & Database specialist who has long been frustrated with cumbersome development cycles and the need to employ developers.
Nanda: An IT Architect with a creative mind and a passion for cloud computing.
Antony: A musician by profession who learnt coding out of passion, applying the discipline that art demands into the chaos that software development can be


Founding Team

Product/Service Summary

Chameleon is SaaS framework that allows companies of any size to develop business applications reducing or even eliminating the need for software developers. It's powered by an intuitive front-end where you can build apps with simple drag and drop, and a backend that does all the hardwork to make the UI something that even a non-savvy user can use.

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