Chipmonk Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Bangalore, India
  • HardwareEmbedded, Enterprise SoftwareCloud, M2M, Industrial Automation, Utilities

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Team Summary

The team of Chipmonk comes from various industry background and experience. The founding team of four brings its combined rich experience of over 60 years with academic background of IITs and IIMs.


    • Milind Parab

    • CEO

    • Peri Vekat Ramana

    • Director -

    • Samir Kulkarni

    • Director

Product/Service Summary

Chipmonk is an embedded product company with primary focus areas of industrial automation and smart energy metering. We exist because of our esteem customers. Hence, Chipmonk has developed electronics products which are offered to its customers as a solution using hardware and cloud computing capabilities.
M2M (Machine-to-Machine) wireless product

How are we different?

We are no different in this world and neither we want to be. We are happy solving customers problems with our core strengths. We have the confidence on our team and customers that they will make Chipmonk reach to its heights.

Product/Service Descriptions